Ballina Ice Cream is a proud manufacturer of the most delicious 100% natural ice cream. We use no artificial ingredients right down to the natural extracts used to flavour our ice cream. It takes three days to make because we do not homogenise our ice cream, we age it naturally for twelve hours. Natural aging is a core value of manufacturing a superior quality product without compromise .Anyone that enjoys a good wine or whisky will know that age counts when it comes to quality and flavour. The same applies to ice cream.

Our factory is situated on Upington Farm which is right on the top of Alverstone. This is just outside of Durban where the Valley of 1000 Hills begins. On a clear day we can see the sea which is an inspiring vista to enjoy. You are welcome to come and visit us.

No vegetable oil, whey powder, eggs, corn syrup, reconstituted milk solids, colourants or preservatives are used.

We believe it is our superior quality free range jersey milk, old fashioned production methods, amazing flavour combinations and natural extracts that give us the best ice cream in the market.

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Anyone is welcome to contact us for an educational tour of our factory. School children have come in droves over the years and we have hosted corporate teams, book clubs, children's birthday parties, chef students and even golfers to learn the art of making amazing ice cream. The highlight is that you can create your own unique ice cream using your own combinations of flavours and ingredients.

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